ANC Leader Alex Cummings Calls on Citizens of Lofa to Hold Gov’t Accountable


The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings has called on citizens of Lofa to hold the government accountable to the people for the forward match of Liberia.

Serving as a guest speaker during the dedication of a town hall in Voinjama City, Lofa County Monday, February 25, Mr Cummings said the wave of embezzlement of public fund by public official’s couple with disregard for the rule of law is a normal scenario in the Weah-led government is appalling state of affairs which he believes is unbearable.

“Our country is in trouble and is going the wrong direction. The amount of stealing and disrespect for the rule of law is too much for our people. It has to stop,” Cummings insists.

He informed citizens of the county that it was time to hold the Weah leadership accountable for the good of all.

In the wake of achieving this, the ANC political leader informed citizens of Lofa that four leading opposition political parties have joined forces to rescue Liberia from its “trending dangerous path.”

He said, “We have decided to come together as four collaborating political parties (ANC, UP, LP & ALP) to have a common front. Your son Amb. [Joseph] Boakai along with Mr. [Benoni] Urey, Cllr. [Charles] Brumskine and I have come together for the sake of Liberia.”

Cummings further maintained that having a united front to rescue Liberia is important and he has taken an initiative to ensure that the message of the four political parties’ alliance goes across Liberia.

He did not hold back his usual statement about Liberia and Liberians deserving better, reminding Lofans to demand better as the bread basket of Liberia.

“We deserve a better Liberia. You deserve a better Liberia. LPMC Community deserves a better life. Lofa County as the bread basket of Liberia deserves a better Liberia,” Cummings stressed.

At the same time, the ANC political leader wants residents of Voinjama City to appreciate the construction of a town hall by a son of the area, Gizzie Kollie.

This according to Cummings demonstrates that Kollie was not only concerned about getting into elected position but to continue helping to address the needs of his people, adding, “He loves you; he cares about you as a true son.”

For his part, Gizzie Kollie, a candidate of District #4 in the 2017 Legislative race in Lofa noted that he will always be willing to help his people despite his defeat.

Kollie reminded Lofans of the current economic hardship they currently face under the Weah regime. He admonished them to make positive decisions in future election.

“When you’re making decision, make it base on track records and not on t-shirts and money. I know that you supported me but the majority went the other way.

“Mr. Cummings is a friend and mentor to me and so we will work together in your interest,” he told his kinsmen and women.

Gizzie Kollie came second to Rep. Mariamu Fofana in 2017 elections.

Also addressing the crowd of over 1,000 attending the dedicatory ceremony, LPMC Community Town Chief James Yarkpawolo said the construction of the town hall is a blessing for the town.

“We are very happy and we say thank you for our town hall. We never had anywhere to host our meetings and other programs but you have come to our aid. On behalf of the LPMC community, we say thank you and we will continue to support you and Mr. Cummings,” Chief Yarkpawolo added.

The dedication of the town hall brought together elders, women, disabled and youths from across District #4.

The cost of the project is estimated at US$7,000.

The dedication of the town hall forms part of a four-day tour by Cummings in Bong, Nimba and Lofa Counties.




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