The Liberian Movie industry is one of the oldest and slowest growing movie industry in Africa. the industry has struggle to rise up but still at the same place with the same people, with the same mentality. we hope that the Frank Artus led administration will turn things around for the good of the stakeholders in the movie/film industry.

There has been a number of challenges ranging from Finance,technical know how,  script and to the use of outdated equipment in productions. Because  many film makers lack the technical know how as a result many film produced in Liberia are considered low budget films, poor picture quality films, poor sound quality film and in fact filmmakers are among the least paid professional. The challenges have been  major factors for the slow nature of the Liberian Movie/film industry.

Despite the challenges, Liberia has produced some film making professionals on the continent of Africa.  The likes of FRANK ARTUS, KORTO DAVIS, DREAM DEBO, CHI-CHI NEBLETT, BRENDA MOORE, ALBERT CAPEHART just to name a few are working tirelessly just to put Liberia on world map but their efforts are not really making any significant impact as expected due to the lack of support from their own people (Liberians). The filmmakers themselves have had their own internal problems in terms of having a well structured leadership that will seek their ware fare.

The union struggle with leadership issue for almost three years, this created a big division among film producers, actors ans distributors leaving the industry the i describe as “everyone for their-selves, God for all” a system where there is no order or regulation.

It took the intervention of the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism to bring the stakeholders under one umbrella.  where election was held. popular actor FRANK ARTUS was announced winner,

With all of Frank Artus connection with the President of Liberia couple with his international connection and his wife as an assistant Minister for culture at the ministry of information, many are of the views and hope that there will be a change at the Movie Union and the industry.

These changes are only possible if there is a collective efforts from every stakeholder in the industry. Frank Artus doesn’t have the magical power to make the needed changes.

If Frank is to succeed in transforming the movie industry, these few things should be considered: 1) Collaboration/decentralization .. the union has been viewed as a Monrovia based organization, the should be a serious working platform to bring all movie producers across the country under one umbrella. 2) education for stakeholders… to produce a quality movie, you need people with the technical know how, there should be regular training workshop to give some technical knowledge on picture, sound, Business and marketing strategy, the use of equipment etc. 3) Set up a Standard for movie production and actors. movies should be screened and rated before they are released on the market.

Finally there must be a smooth working relationship with the government of Liberia in enforcing the copy right law that will enable movie producers to earn some money for their work,