CIC set to drop his 1994 the throne album on January 7, 2019


Gone are the days when Liberian Musicians wanted to sound like American RnB, Hip pop or dancehall artist.

Around 2004 a new fresh breeze hit the country’s Music industry bringing the artists to the realization of making your own relevant like their fellow African on the continent of Africa. Many of the young artists jumped on beats with their local Liberian English (KOLOQUA), the dominant language spoken in the west nation Liberia.

This style of singing gradually took of the music scene and in fact up today’s date has gotten a huge support from the indigenous Liberian a other from different part of the world. One of those hard-working artists is talented song writer, singer and rapper CIC. CIC has worked over the years to gain national and International recognition and he has indeed to some extend gotten with lots of local and international collaborations.

After working over the years, the artist is about to drop his official 1994 album. The artist took to social media Facebook to let his fans know what he is up to for the coming year.

“I’ve worked Days and Nights in putting stories bout my life and other day to day activities into writings. For months all I wanted was to showcase our local language (koloqua) to the world in a way it will be on par with the rest of Africa and the world in terms of quality and delivery. I wanna thank God, my team, my supportive fans, the media and everyone that have supported me in this struggle. This will Officially be dropping JANUARY 7, my debut album 1994🇱🇷🙌🏻💯” the artist posted. What is however unclear is the form and manner in which the 1994 the throne album will be released.

We look forward to the official 1994…

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Hello ——————-2017

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John Buttay ———-2016

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