Fake Love Among Liberian Entertainers -Says MR RAW


It is often said give a man his flowers while he is alive. This is rather the opposite in the Liberian entertainment Industry.

The high level of hypocrisy in the industry is very clear and can be seen in the ways we treat each other’s. some feel they are more important than the others.

Using the Late DJ Theo as a case study. DJ Theo became more popular in his death than when he was alive, his death news was very loud, everyone around heard the news in both the traditional and social media but we refuse to amplify his sickness through the same media.

When Theo got sick, lot of us in this God forsaking industry knew about his illness, we made no collective efforts to get our brother to recover from his illness.

Unfortunately, we all open our big ears awaiting to hear his death news, for some this was an opportunity for them to show their latest shoes or designer wear.  when he died Radio Presenters, Media executives, Radio and Club DJs immediately called a meeting to contribute to or sponsored his funeral.

In my mind this was a pure hypocrisy, fake love and wickedness to the highest degree. Why didn’t we have a meeting to collect money to pay his medical bills or even send him for advance checkup and treatment? This is the questions that we must answer.

I am not in any way suggesting that it is wrong to identify with the bereaved family but the number of celebrities that attended the meeting to make contributions for burial, the number of celebrities that attended the funeral service of DJ Theo humanly would have saved his life with a minimum contribution of $ 5 USD each. This would have been the best way to show the true love we claim to have  for DJ Theo.

I know some will argue that Theo family could afford to take care of their son medical bills, I agree 100% my question why was he taken to herbalist (sick bush) instead of an advance medical center for treatment? Perhaps we that shared crocodile tears at the Funeral service if we had contributed a little that would have help in buttressing the efforts of the family.

No amount of talk will bring DJ Theo back to life but I think this piece is a caution to all of us in this tiny and stunted industry.

We need to hold together, we need to support each other, we need to always seek the welfare of one another at all times. We should not wait to for someone to die before we show our usual fake love. I am not praying for or wishing any of us evil but it is very important that we show love to people when they are alive not when they are dead and gone.

This fake concerns, fake love shown when someone is dead must stop.


BY: Emmanuel Y. Kortu

Photo credit: Inside Liberia