Former TRC Chairman Cllr. Jerome Verdier must be summon by the Liberian Legislature says Representative Samuel Kogar


Some members of the House of Representatives have raised concern over allegation levied against the Legislature by former TRC Chairman Cllr. Jerome Verdier that it received 1.5 Million United States Dollars to prevent the passage of War & Economic Crimes Court in the Country.

The former TRC Boss allegation was contained in his Monday testimony during his appearance at the US Congress Subcommittee Hearing on Human Rights.

But speaking in angry tones at the capitol, lawmakers lamented that Cllr. Verdier’s assertion has no iota of truth and that his statement has the propensity to tarnish the good reputation of members of the Legislature.

Leading the conversation, Nimba county District 5 representative Samuel Kogar asked his colleagues to invite the TRC Former Boss to show evidence of his assertion against the honorable members of Representatives.

In response to Representative Kogar  statement, ANC Lawmaker  Nimba County District 8 Representative Larry Youngquoi challenged his colleagues to prove the former TRC Boss wrong by passing the Recommendation for the establishment  of War & Economic Crimes Court.

The ANC Lawmaker told plenary that holding onto such document will give the public the wrong perception about the establishment of War & Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

Over fifty lawmakers of the Lower House affixed their signatures to the Document that calls for the implementation of the TRC Report.