The Liberian Media like many sectors in Africa is dominated by men, this can clearly be seen in both electronic and Print media  in Liberia.

In recent times Liberian women media practitioners are making significant contribution as workers in the media sector of post war country Liberia.

Women Journalists are face with challenges while working with the media. Some of these challenges are sexual harassment from their bosses and even some so-called big men in the Liberian society as they usually try to take advantage of their gender, mistreatment by their male colleagues and characters assassination at work places. This led to the formation of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia, with a specific focus on seeking the welfare and protecting female journalists in the country.

Despite the huge number of male and challenges in this very demanding profession, some women have mastered the courage to stand tall among their males’ counterparts. One of the outstanding young professional Journalist in Liberia is Tetee Gebro.

Tetee Gebro is a mother, a determine professional Journalist, social and political commentator who has worked very hard to stand the test of time in the God forsaking job of journalism in Liberia.

Having had her own fair share of the ups and downs in the Liberian Media, Tetee was appointed by President George M. Weah president of the Republic of Liberia as the Deputy Director General at the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) in 2018.

How did it all start?

“with the passion for journalism, I started as a volunteer with Kings FM for a month and I later move to Star Radio before the station was closed” Tetee said in an exclusive interview with via phone.

Prior to Tetee Gebro appointment at LBS, she worked with a number of local and international media outlets serving in different capacities ranging from reporter, announcer, newscaster, producer and even at some point a manager.

Tetee started her professional journey in 2010 when she volunteer as a reporter for Kings Fm in Monrovia Liberia, after a moth, she moved to Star Radio where she continue her journalism ambition as a volunteer until the station was closed. “my first salary as a journalist was $ 50.00 usd, even though this could not even take care of my transportation fares, i had to travel everyday from Brewersville to central Monrovia but one thing that kept me moving was my passion for the Journalism profession and my desire to serve my country”  Tetee explained.

Her prominence in the Liberian media started from 2011 when she joined Sky FM/TV in Monrovia as a reporter and presenter.

Her unique style of reporting and presenting on the radio got her national attention, something she has long being wishing for. While at Sky Fm/TV Tetee challenged herself by reporting critical issues of national concern. This also got her recognition beyond the boundaries of Liberia as she was viewed as a critical voice for women in Liberia. she at a point reported on a very sensitive  traditional practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Liberia. “for me journalism is about reporting to make a change or impact on society” said Tetee”

One of Tetee biggest breakthrough as a reporter came, when she reported and narrated the story “Liberians cant afford stable food rice” on November 11, 2011 at sky fm.  This story went wide and was featured on the new narrative website an international platform for Journalists.

In 2012 Tetee Gebro became the first Liberian female journalist to win Best Business reporting award at the Liberian National reporting Award with her story on the impact of hike in food prices on ordinary Liberians. In that same year, she attended a Thomson Reuters Business and Economic training in Johannesburg in South Africa. She worked for Sky FM/TV from 2011 to 2015.

Tetee Moved from Sky FM and went to LIB24 FM/TV where she served as a senior reporter and lead presenter for the Morning show with Francis Palenah as her co presenter. She later served as acting manager for some months before she left the station.

In 2016 Tetee Gebro joined OK FM with her own talk show which got many listeners tuning to the newly established OK FM. She later left and joined the United Nation mission in Liberia Radio (UNMIL RADIO) now ECOWAS Radio as a reporter and presenter.

Besides reporting for radio and television in Liberia, Tetee worked for the Thomson Reuter Oil reporting program where she did extensive reports for the FrontPage Africa newspaper. She also reported for the BBC media action program “Kick Ebola from Liberia”. Tetee has done a number swinging for the Voice of America (VOA).

As Mother of two boys and Journalist in Liberia, Tetee Gebro is considered as a role model for upcoming female journalists in Liberia and the continent of Africa.

Tetee Gebro holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the university of Liberia.


By: Emmanuel Y. Kortu