Front Page Africa Managing Editor Rodney Sieh accuses Diaspora supporters of Sen Darius Dillon of misleading him.


Front Page Africa Managing Editor has accused some supporters of Sen Darius Dillon in the Diaspora of misleading him.

Rodney Sieh, appearing on Spoon Talk over the weekend said some Liberians residing in the United States renege on criticizing Senator Dillon when he does wrong in his fight to shine the light in the senate.

Mr. Sieh noted that some Diaspora Liberians are sycophantic in their support for the Montserrado County senator and at the same time has refused to correct him when he does wrong.

The Montserrado County senator came under criticism for recently travelling on a business class ticket abroad.

Rodney Sieh, who published an Article recently, title,  ‘’Dillon Lied”,  said, the Montserrado County senator must desist from listening to people he described as sycophantic supporters.