Government of Liberia rubbished Frontpage Africa report over US$182,000 debt payment to a nonexistence company.


The government of the republic of Liberia has denied Frontpage Africa report on the payment of US$182,000 for debts incurred during the regime of EX – President Charles Taylor to a company that is no longer in existence.

A fore night ago, Frontpage Africa newspaper published two major corruption related stories that sparked huge debates among Liberians. On of the stories exposed the government approval of an amount of US$182,000 payment to a company, while the other story clearly pointed out how Finance Minister Samuel Tweh gave out the government’s swift code to a fraudster, something that would have led to the country loosing US$32 million.

Speaking at the Ministry of information regular press briefings on Thursday December 20,2018, Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon described Frontpage Africa publication as falsehood and misleading information, terming the newspaper as rogue element in the Liberian Media.

According to Minister Fahngon the money in question is being process contrary to Frontpage Africa reports that the amount has been paid. “the money has not been paid, the money is being process” he added.

The deputy spokesman for the government of Liberia argues that a Voucher can not be considered as a cheque as claimed by Rodney Sieh. He further clarified that the US$182,000 debt in question was not incurred under the CDC government led by President George M. Weah but government being Continuity, the government of Liberia has taken the responsibility to make payment in order to avoid further increase in debt, as the court ruled on 14th April 2016 AD.

According to Hon Eugene L. Fahngon, the CDC government led by soccer legend George M. Weah will continue to be a responsible government by paying her debts on time.

In a related development, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel Mcgill who was reported to have approved the US$182,000 debt payment has threatened to Jail Frontpage Africa Newspaper publisher, Rodney Sieh.

At the same time Finance Minister Samuel Tweh has described the reports as untruth and falsehood.