Korto Davis launches campaign against drugs abuse in Liberia.


Liberia’s international award winning actress Korto Davis has launched a campaign to create awareness on the issues of drugs abuse among  young people in Liberia as part of her birthday celebration.

Speaking to checkliberia.com on Thursday April 11, 2019 in Monrovia, Korto Davis’ manager Ansu K. Sirleaf said, his artist decided to undertake this project to erase the notion among you people that drugs makes you active or the way forward in the entertainment industry. He said drugs is not a source creativeness or talents.

Mr. Sirleaf further disclosed that the awareness campaign will focus on encouraging parents to keep   eyes on their children in order to prevent them from getting into drugs and at the same time teaching the parents how to get their children out of drugs addiction.

According to Mr. Sirleaf, the official awareness campaign will begin on saturay April 13, 2019 at the Vamoma Junction in Sinkor where flyers will be given out to drivers and passengers. This will be followed by a community outreach where community members especially parents will be engaged on the danger of drugs abuse in the society.

Meanwhile the award winning actress Korto Davis is calling on her fans to join her on Saturday to be a part of the fight against drugs abuse in Liberia.

By: Emmanuel Y. Kortu