Barely less than 24 hours to the much-anticipated Liberia Music Award, Afro pop artistes PCK & L FRANKIES say they will not attend the event over what they termed as unfair treatment on the part of the headline sponsor Lonestar cell MTN.

According to the management of the artists, Lonestar cell MTN deliberately refused to give the artists short code that could be used by the fans to vote for them in the two categories in which they have been nominated for the awards. Something they believe is as result of the lawsuit filed against the telecommunication giant for theft of intellectual property.

Meanwhile when contacted the organizers on the issue raised by PCK & L FRANKIES, the Organizers of the event denied  claims by the artists management. According to the organizers of the organizers , every nominee at this year Liberia Music Award was given a short code which was provided by the headline sponsor Lonestar cell MTN.

Below is a copy of the press release from th Afropop duo management.

Press Statement for Immediately Release
December 21, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen of the media and fellow Liberians across our nation, it’s with heavy and saddened heart we the management team of P.C.K & L’Frankie have come to inform you today that Liberia’s growing entertainment industry is under serious attack.

As you may be aware, the MTN Liberia Music Awards is ongoing. The award night is expected to take place this Saturday, December 22, 2018, at the Executive Pavilion on Ashmun Street and the event is been sponsored by Lonestar Cell MTN. Just to let you know, P.C.K & L’Frankie was nominated in two categories, Afropop/Afro Dance Song of the year and Best Group of the year. Its very sad to note that Lonestar Cell MTN who is the prime sponsor created voting codes and promotional flyers for all the artists to enable their fans vote them, excluding P.C.K & L’Frankie. This means there was no code created in favor of the artist. Not withstanding, their fans cannot vote them in their respective categories and as we all know the artists with the highest vote would be victorious.

Let me sincerely tell you that because we the management team took a very strong stand against the GSM giant Lonestar Cell MTN by dragging them to court for illegally using the artist’s photographs and song for over a year making millions of United States Dollars, without paying a cent to the artists; they saw it as unappreciative. Since Lonestar Cell MTN is the prime sponsor they have decided to suppress our artists at the award.
So, we the management team of the hits maker P.C.K & L’Frankie, CT COM Liberia have come to inform our fans and the Liberian public at large that the artists have been witch-hunted by Lonestar Cell MTN.

CT COM Liberia termed the action of Lonestar Cell MTN and the host of the award as being very wicked, atrocious, baneful, beastly, calamitous and disastrous. Just to let Lonestar Cell MTN and their vaudeville cartel know that there is no amount of intimidation that will make us back off this lawsuit, we will ensure we come to the terminus of this case.
From this backdrop, the Afropop duo P.C.K. & L’Frankie will not attend nor perform at the MTN Liberia Music Awards, the management team feels it is not saved for the artists, but the artists would be represented by CT COM Liberia.

We love and appreciate our spectacular fans here in Liberia and around the world for the high level of confidence and also their numerous support during the year 2018. If it was not for all of you our loyal fans, we couldn’t have come this far, we equally assure our fans that next year is going to be more interesting than ever before, “What time is it! Check your time and go down low” Merry Christmas and prosperous Happy New Year.

Liberia is all we have and the gains we have made as an entertainment industry must be sustained through unity and mutual respect.
May God bless Liberia and its people.

Amb Djweezy D Boss

Story by; Emmanuel Y. Kortu , Contact; or call 0770694455