Liberian artists Scientific, CIC, FLEX, COZ and SNOTI Lack good management – says Buchanan Picture CEO Tarr Woryowon


The CEO of Buchanan Picture and Vice President of Liberian stars view Tarr Woryonwon aka Jay U Boye has called for an effective and responsible business minded management Team to save the Career of Liberian artists SCIENTIFIC, CIC, COZ,  FLEX and SNOTI.

According to Mr Woryonwon if these artistes do not get managers but rather steak with the CEOs and PRODUCERs as their managers their fans wouldn’t be hearing from them in a year or two from now and their career would be a history as Nigga Blow and Takun J.

The Movie Producer argue that the inability of SO-CALLED CEOs of record label to give responsibility people with the expertise is one of the factors killing our artistes career.

Below is the full text of Tarr’s opinion on the five Liberian artists:

Five potential Liberian artistes that need change of management urgently.

By: Jay U Boye

There have been couples of potential Liberian artistes that have made name for themselves in the Liberian communities and some part of our society. These artistes have actually done well for themselves and for their surroundings. They also have the potential of making it into mainstream music but they all lack one thing, “GOOD MANAGEMENT”.

Managing an artiste comes with a whole lot. As a manager you need to have vice experience in the entertainment industry. Not just limited to the music industry and that’s why I said “ENTERTAINMENT”. You need to make acquintences with other members of other industries like the Movie industry, Modelling industry, Fashion Industry and so on.

A manager needs to know what the audiences want to listen to or watch. You need to know what sound is trending, who’s buzzing and what genre of music is leading. You need to know writers and hire them. You also need to know creative sound engineers and work with them. You also need to know bloggers that have a huge page engagement and work with them. As we all know media marketing is now the easier ways to reach your audiences.

Liberian artistes and their management are on an awkward trajectory and no matter the potential these artistes have, their career stand to remain in a steady situation if they do not work on their management. They often confuse sound engineer with manager, executive producer with manager, CEO of a record label with manager. These individuals will never and can never be a manager of an artiste. Everyone has his or her expertise in one field. The tendency of “Jack of all trade” is killing the career of these artistes and they continue to remain community artistes.

I chose these five artistes after listening to their music and knowing how far they have come and thought they needed a rescue of their career.

  1. Co.Z

This artiste needs a serious and urgent management team. Not just managing him for the sake of managing an artiste but to get his career up and running. He has the potential of becoming one of the best rapper in Africa.

I have listen to some of the so-called best rapper in Africa and I can tell you for sure, lyrically they don’t even come close to this Liberian artiste. Matter of fact Africa has not been doing well when it comes to Rapping in the World and Liberia is blessed with good rappers but it baffles me why we allow these talents to die right before our eyes.

  1. Scientific

This is one of the many blessings Africa has gotten but we actually have blind folded our eyes to his career. Scientific is one of, if not the best Rapper in Africa. He’s the first known Liberian to have gotten his video aired on MTV. Of course his career started in Accra, Ghana but I didn’t expect it to go any further because of his Ghanaian management.

His Liberian management is the worse I have ever seen in artistes managerial career. They have actually done nothing to this God given talent but killed it and I guess his passion with it. Labelling an artiste as your own is one thing and having the artiste enjoy the best of his potential is another. Scientific is a multifaceted artiste and only a dream killing management would waste his talent.

  1. Snoti

I am a very emotional person and it takes a music to calm me, have me reminiscing, day dreaming, visualising, being creative or just listening to one song and writing a whole movie script. That’s what happens when I listen to Snoti . She deserves to be one of those reigning artistes in Africa and the U.S. Her management has done a lot but not enough to get her where she needs to be with the sort of talent this Liberian goddess is blessed with.

It’s time she has a change of management that will be farsighted to get her breaking barriers. Snoti should have either been in Africa and giving the likes of Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay and Simi a serious competition. Doubting Thomas I guess what you thinking. Yes she can. She has the talent and the potential to do that.

  1. FLEX

Some think that flex is not a good singer or better still doesn’t sing at all. For the sake of argument I agree with you all. Flex doesn’t have to be a great singer. Autotunes can do the magic, after all a lot of artistes have succeeded in doing that and they have a great career till today. He did it with Akon and it was a Hit. He could continue that.

Flex has the potential, a lil connect, but not enough to get him where we all aspire to see Liberian artistes. He needs a new management, if he was himself then it’s the time to get one and a well experience one. A manager that will establish a strong relationship with bloggers. This is very important. Entertainers are not part of government institutions, media plays a major role in their career.

Before Neyo did a collaboration with Tanzania artiste Diamond Platnum he went on social media to read about him first and saw the reviews he has gotten from articles written about him “Diamond Platnum”.

  1. CIC

Everyone will say King Jaffa is in the right trajectory of CIC’s career by how far he has come. The collaboration with Iyanyan, the Ambassadorial deal with Lonestarcell and awards won. Well I will say it’s not half of the journey to reaching that peek of his career. There has been few people with that Lonestar cell deal and yet they are today not part of our 10 reigning artiste because of poor management. Let the Nigerian collaboration not fool you as well, Deng can relate and that should serve as an example for you.

Complacency is one of the factors killing our artistes career. One major reason why CIC might not cross over to the bigger industry is the lack of CEOs of record labels not giving responsibility to people of expertise but rather do it themselves. If CEOs and sound engineers could have gotten artistes reached the peek of their career then Don Jazzy couldn’t have found managers for Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks, and the rest of the artistes on his label, or Banky W wouldn’t have gotten manager for Wizkid.

If these artiste do not get managers but rather steak with the CEOs and PRODUCERs as their managers their fans wouldn’t be hearing from them in a year or two from now and their career would be a history as Nigga Blow and Takun J.


Source: Liberian stars view