Liberian Bloggers only care about themselves and irrelevant content – MR RAW


Bloggers in Liberia seem to have great influence on the growth and development of stakeholders in the creative arts industry.

However, Radio and Television Broadcaster, Emmanuel Y. Kortu popularly known as MR RAW, has expressed his displeasure at the quality of work being put out by some Liberian bloggers.

He is of the belief that they are using their influence to only promote few individuals, hurting the entire industry as a result.

“well blogging promote the creative arts industry but these bloggers now are not doing well because they are only pushing few artistes and their selfish interest events. All they talk about are artistes beefing and negative stuff. When you are positive, they won’t talk about you.”

“are you aware that there are so many events in the festive season, from Monrovia to every party of the country? How many bloggers are talking about the Liberian Music Award Positively, how many bloggers talking about KDFF Korto Davis Short Film festival, how many bloggers talking about Bucky Raw welcome to Liberia show at the Tropicana?”

He said if Liberia Creative industry is to grow stakeholders in the industry including bloggers and events organizers must make a collaborative effort in pushing each other dreams. “Liberia is too small for this kind of hate hate” he added

The Ace Radio and Television Presenter appears to be frustrated over the little attention given to the Nation’s biggest award show The Liberian Music Award, which will be hosted for the first time in Liberia on December 22, 2018.