Liberia’s Minister of Health Fires back at US-CDC for ranking Liberia fourth high risk Coronavirus Country in the world


Liberia‚Äôs Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has described  the U.S Center for Disease Control ranking of Liberia as high risk country as premature statement.

Dr. Jallah stated that the U.S statement ranking Liberia fourth high risk Coronavirus Country in the world is totally wrong and not timely.

It can be recorded  recently the  U.S Center for Disease Control issued a traveling advisory to its citizens and people wanting to visit  Liberia about the Current Coronavirus crisis putting Liberia as a high risk Country in Liberia.

 Speaking at the Ministry of Information Thursday regular press briefings in Monrovia, the Liberian Health Minister said it is unbelievable and unjust to the people of Liberia including people traveling to the Country for the U.S CDC to advise its citizens about the high risk of Coronavirus in the Country.

According to  Dr. Jallah U.S CDC is being wrongly informed about the current COVID-19 status in Liberia.

 Meanwhile, the Liberian Health Minister has also warned individuals or groups wanting to protest to immediately abundant such action. Dr. Jallah said huge gatherings meanly protest will not be allowed during this critical time of health emergency in the county.  Her statement is as the result of a pro ruling party group under the banner CDC-COP quest to stage a protest against opposition Senator Darius Dillon.