Orange Liberia gives 13 million dollars to the Liberia Football Association


Telecommunication Company Orange Liberia has given the Liberian Football Association (LFA) 13 million Liberian dollars as part of the Company sponsorship agreement for the local divisional football league.  The money according to the LFA will be distributed among the local clubs in the country.

First division clubs will receive $ 560.000.OO each, while second division and female clubs will be given $ 240, 000.00 each. This contribution is only for the first phase of the league and does not include Cash prizes and other awards that will be given at the end of the season during the Liberian Football Awards night on November 29, 2019.

Each club will receive the same amount ahead of the commencement of the second phase provided it meets the minimum requirements in the club licensing regulations that were approved by the executive committee.

By: Shannor G. Gueh