Poor implementation of the 2011 Children’s Law of Liberia creates dark cloud over the future of Liberian children.


Every year in Liberia many people living in the city of Monrovia go to the rural communities and get children to come live with them in the city. These people convinced the parents of these kids that they are taking their children in order to give them better education for a brighter future in the city.

Sadly, when these kids are taking to Monrovia, their story changed, they end up been baby sitters, Street Hawkers risking their lives selling cold water between cars on the busy streets in Monrovia as they become breadwinners for the family, almost every in Liberia there are either horrifying reports of rape, child abuse, mysterious deaths of Children, kidnapped or trafficking of children and girls in Liberia.


A recent case in question is little Hannah Gbardea.  Checkliberia has learned that five years ago, 9-year-old Hannah Gbardea moved to her aunty – her father younger sister with the hope of getting a better education and living condition in Monrovia, but it all has turned devastating as she now lies in a hospital with a burned buttock.

According to nurses at James Davies hospital, Hannah told them that she was pushed in hot water by her aunty who is only identified as T girl.

T girl, is currently behind bars.

According to T girl neighbors, for the past years little Hannah has been gravely maltreated by her aunty.

On numerous occasions when Hannah was being cruelly beaten by her aunt, she was rescued by community residents.

The 9 year old wakes up  at 4 am to get water from the well and carry out other house chores and doesn’t have enough time to rest as she is maltreated by her aunty.

According to an eye witness as  Paye, the spouse of the perpetrator was questioned on the wellbeing of the child, but he contended that it was his family issue.

Paye recalled that after Hannah was pushed in the hot water, a tenant identified as Kebeh came to the kid’s rescue.

Kebeh had noticed that the minor was washing dishes as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Paye said his wife administered ointments to calm the pain and administered several other medications.

According to him, when he was informed, he immediately called the perpetrator but her response was she was busy and tired to see anybody.

“I thought on settling it community way, but when I sent for her, she refused so I invited the police, that is why she’s behind bars,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the police station T. Girl denied injuring Hannah and said she was lying on a bench close to the hot water when she sustained the injury.

“It is my 8-year-old daughter, who said she (minor) was beside the water and lying on the bench, my daughter only heard her crying, and that is how she burnt herself,” she said.

“The first thing I did was to use penicillin tablet on the sore because all the money I had was spent on my sister who is now dead.”

She denied instructing the minor to wash dishes, a statement that eyewitnesses also refuted.

  1. Girl explained, “When I came, I met the dishes outside and I started packing it and talking (grumbling), I didn’t see the girl, she was with Kebeh”. She also denied that she was not the one who burnt the minor.

Source: frontpageafrica.com