President George M. Weah one year achievements.


It has been exactly a year since former footballer Georgr M. Weah took office as the president of the West African nation of Liberia.

Prior to his election, many Liberian yearned for change, many Liberian were of the hope that with the election of George Weah their lives and living condition would have improved over night. Many were of the view that economic and infrastructure development would have flow in the nation like river. Their hopes were built on promises made during the campaign and inauguration.

So with one year in office what has the Weah led government done to improve the living condition of Liberians to keep their hope alive.

Upon taking state power, it took the government six months to come up with a strategy plan to direct the path of the government. So what was the government doing during the first six months in office? Well that question can be answered by President Weah and team.

However, there have been some work done by the CDC led government. Some of these are:  the ongoing construction of the famous 14 Military Hospital, the Construction of the Doe Community road, the ongoing community roads construction in Rehab the president community, Free tuition at all Public Universities and Colleges, the construction of the Fair Ground road in Buchanan, Grand Bassa, the Costal defense project in New Kru Town which has saved the D. Tweah High School and surround communities, Provision of scholarship to Medical Doctors to specialized, Increase in salaries of health workers, Scholarship for Brilliant high school graduate to study in Foreign countries and etc.

Despite the little achievement over the year, there has been a wide range of allegations of corruption in the Weah led government.

While many Liberian are crying for change in the country, government officials are living in luxurious leaving Liberians to believe the allegations of corruption in the government. Many government officials have reportedly bought properties worth thousands of dollars within the short period of time in office.

Another major setback is the missing Billions of Liberian dollars and the unaccounted for US $ 25 Million that was reported to have been infused in the economy without a traced of how it was infused in the economy. The Finance Minister said the money was given to local Money Exchanger butup to now he has not disclosed the names of the local Money exchange Bureau that he gave the money to mop the excess Liberian dollars on the market.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the economic hardship is far for being over but Liberians are of the hope that things will improve in the second hear of the Weah administration.


By: Emmanuel Y. Kortu