Sammy Gray Gboguy aka CO2 wins Musicians Union of Liberia Election


The election commission of the Musicians Union of Liberia (MULIB) has declared Sammy Gray Gboguy aka CO 2 as the winner of he much awaited presidential election of the union. The election which was held  at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism on Saturday February 2, 2019 in Monrovia,  witnessed the huge turn out ever in the history of the Music union as Musicians from across the country were eager to cast their votes in order to revamp their organization.

Sammy Gray Gbogay who is considered as one of the old hands in the Music industry received 292 votes representing 84.8% of the total vote cast while his contender Rokenzy Gemuba Smith aka Mr Smith Lib Money got 45 votes representing 13.08% of the total vote cast. A total of 344 registered voters voted in the Saturday election.

Meanwhile reacting to the election results, the defeated candidate Mr Smith vowed to take legal action against the Elections Commission of the Musicians union. He described the process as bias, criminal and not credible. According to Mr Smith, the election was rigged, he can not accept the results. “How realistic is it for me to get 45 votes, they wanted us to break glasses here but we will not do that we will take the legal steps” He added. He further accused the election Commission of undermining the process by not verifying the voter roll prior to the election.

Also speaking after the results was announced, Arnold W.D. Lablah popularly know as King Sokoloko a member of Team Smith who was also defeated said the election process was marked by serious irregularities, he accused his opponents of trucking voters that were not musicians to vote. King Sokoloko also vowed to take the necessary legal action. The 2019 Musicians Union election was headed by Duputy Minster of Information for Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Hon Lance K. Gba-gonyon and Assistant Minister for Cutural Affairs Madam Magret Cooper Frank.