Senatorial Politics hit Bomi County ahead of the 2020 senatorial election


It was a beautiful Saturday January 19, 2019 in the city of Tubmanburg the capital of Bomi County, as thousands of sons and daughters of Bomi came out in their numbers to celebrate with the champion of the 2018-2019 National County Meet.

There was only one message “Unity”. It was for the first time in a long while that the leaders of the county that has produced great leaders nationally spoke with one voice. The Traditional leaders, elders, women, men and children of Bomi dance to one beat. The entire city of Tubmanburg was light up in the flames of jubilation.

The city came alive even more when the huge convoy led by Senator Sando Johnson and Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe entered the city with the Champions of the national county meet. As usual, tradition was as it best and the motorcyclists were not left out as they displayed their skills on the motorbikes in front of the jubilant citizens at the popular Total gas station. The crowd later headed to the football field where the journey to the championship began. Players and supporting staff were awarded and the Trophy was later presented to chiefs and people of Bomi County.

As the celebration was going on, there was a twist of time as the waves of Politics blew among the citizens of the county, the two lawmakers Senator Johnson and Representative Snowe supporters stating talking about the 2020 Senatorial election. Listening carefully to their conversation, two of the supporters jokingly said “the two men for the county honorable Johnson and Snowe are our men for the 2020 senatorial election”. This for me was a clear signal of what is expected in the 2020 senatorial election.

Even though Campaign has not started but it is clear that both Senator Sando Johnson and Representative Melvin Snowe are doing their underground work to get the vote of their fellow citizens in the upcoming 2020 senatorial election.

By: Emmanuel Y. Kortu