Telia Urey’s Fuzion ordered reopen after being shut down for 24 hours by the Ministry of Commerce.


The popular Fuzion Bar and Restaurant owned and operated by defeated District #15 opposition candidate Telia Urey was shut down on Monday September 16, 2019 by the ministry of Commerce Inspector General Josephine David for what she called failure of the entity compliance by the Business Manager to allow the Ministry to carry out its regular inspection at the entity.

Speaking to reporters on Monday the inspector General said the ministry of Commerce previously warned the management of the entity and was also given a fine of Three thousand United States Dollars ($3,000.00 USD) which the entity (FUZION) failed to ahead to something she said let to the immediate closure of the entity by the ministry.

She however cautioned all business owners in the country to work in compliance with the law stating that no one is above the law of Liberia despite president weah’s pronouncement that Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy.

 Below is a Facebook post by the CEO of FUZION after her entity was ordered to reopened.

“We will continue to be a law-abiding business entity! We will also stand firm against THE BLATANT ABUSE OF POWER by The Inspector General.

Our legal proceedings will continue on Thursday at 10am! Thanks to everyone for all the support! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”