The Blue Lake in Bomi County is a tourist destination in Liberia


The  Blue lake

The Blue Lake in Liberia is four kilometres away from Tubmanburg, the capital city of Bomi County northwestern Liberia. it is about  72 kilometres west of Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. the lake tourism potentials are so vast that people from diverse backgrounds might be interested to visit. Here are some basic facts that you need to know about the beautiful Blue Lake.

The lake is about 300 feet deep and is suspended midway between the peaks of the surrounding mountains which, with the reflection of the sun, give the lake its beautiful blue colour.

Whether rain or shine, it never rises above its banks, nor does it dry.

The water level is always stable. It’s a wonderful sight, it is an ideal place for hotel and casino development, and could be used for water sports.

According to  the locals and comprehensive research of the lake and its environs, the waters spring out of the ground from a very huge pit dug by the Liberia Mining Company (LMC) an American-owned company that is no longer operating in the country because of the presumed depletion of iron ore in that particular area. it is believed that there are heavy equipment under the water. so now you have an idea about the blue lake, you might just want to visit whenever you are in Liberia.