TJAL Enterprises launched its operation in Liberia


TJAL Enterprises an Agro –  dealer and fumigration services company has launched full operation in Liberia with the aim of providing agro products and services to Liberian farmers.

Speaking at the official launching ceremony in payneville red light, Mr Tejan Jalloh CEO of Tjal enterprises said Agriculture the backbone of very nation and therefore the need to invest in the agriculture sector, after been in the Agro business for nearly 30 years in Sierra Leone and Guinea, he saw the need to expand to Liberia.

According the Mr Jalloh, he did not come to Liberia to be  a Competitor but rather has come to collaborate with other agro dealers to in helping the Liberian farmers.

For her part, Madam Rebecca S. Kalay the president of the National Agro imports dealer’s association of Liberia extended gratitude to Grow Liberia and Partners for the level of efforts in bringing them together under one umbrella to have a national recognition. She at the same time caution Tjal not to focus on selling their products but rather work in collaboration with the farmers especially in providing training for the farmers when it come to the application of the agro chemicals and the use of agricultural tools and equipment. Madam Rebecca, further called on TJAL to provide affordable products and services to the Liberian farmers who can not afford to go to other countries to get agro products for their farms.

TJAL will sell fertiligers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seeds, farming tools and equipment from their store in red light and around the Country through a network of official TJAL agro-dealers.