In every country around the world, Presidential Motorcade is the safest and most risky convoy, the fleet of vehicles in a presidential convoy are highly protected with it own contingency response unit, a communication office with officer communicating and monitoring from a pickup point to the president destination, press corps and media team.

In Liberia presidential motorcade is built from a customized fleet of vehicle that provide maximum for the president and his team. The number of vehicles in the president’s convoy changes depending on the mission of the president for the day.

So one may say that Presidential convoy are the safest, with a well-trained security detail, as usual, well calculated plans and monitoring system are put in place even before the President convoy is allow to pick up.

It was a shocking news on Saturday January 5, 2018 when the Deputy Minister for Press and Public Affair at the Ministry of Information for the republic of Liberian Hon.Eugene L. Fahngon alleged that an unknown person flew a drone over President Weah convoy. Honorable Fahngon as usual took to social media facebook to threaten the unknown drone user.

“Just got back. Who flew the damn drone over my PRESIDENT convoy? Try it again and see what happens to you and your drone.”

It was however unclear about the date and location where the drone flew over the presidential convoy. As the minister didn’t provide any detail on his Facebook page.

When questioned by his many followers on Facebook the Minister responded by posting a copy press release from the Ministry of Information cautioning people about restricted areas for drones.

If this story is true, then the NSA and EPS should upgrade their games in protecting our president. Again, issue of National Security Concern should not be brought to social media.

In a presidential convoy, there are four important vehicles, the route car, the pilot car, the sweeper and the lead car.

The route car runs minutes ahead of the presidential convoy checking the route and also providing intelligence to the entire convoy. The pilot car does the same work but it is just a second in front of the convoy. The pilot car are the police cars that are deployed infornt of the president vehicle that clear the way for the convoy to remain as consistent as possible.

So, the big question now is what did the NSA and EPS on duty with the president do when they saw the drone? Can the EPS be trusted with the safety of your president?


By: Emmanuel Y. Kortu